Face Wash for Sensitive, Oily and Dry Skin

This face wash doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients, so it’s perfect for all skin types; it won’t dry out or not moisturize. 

Hemp oil can help prevent dry skin without clogging pores.

Help reduce acne: Hemp Oil

To reduce blemishes: Rose Oil

To fight pimples on oily skin: Lemongrass Essential Oil

Reduce scarring: Frankincense Essential Oil

Antibacterial Actions: Blackseed Oil

Honey: Honey contains antioxidants that brighten the skin, thus keeping it young and beautiful. It also helps in improving the complexion of the skin by removing tan and blemishes . You can make different packs and masks using honey to brighten the skin and solve other skin-related issues


  • It’s very quick and easy to use. A pump or two, rub it on my face for 30 seconds, then rinse.
  • It takes make-up off with no problem.
  • It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.
  • It only takes me a few minutes to make it.
  • It’s very frugal!

Hemp Rose Luxurious Foaming Facial Cleansing Facial

  • Ingredients

    • Almond oil helps to moisturize skin and provides essential vitamins to make skin look healthy. It also helps to remove make-up and oily build-up. You can substitute others like rosehip seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, sesame oil or even apricot kernel oil. Just be sure to get organic, cold-pressed oils.
    • Vitamin E oil helps to nourish skin and give it an extra boost of vitamins. You could skip the vitamin E oil in this recipe if you use rosehip seed oil because it naturally contains vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C and essential fatty acids (which helps the skin look healthy and plump).
    • Ylang Ylang essential oil helps to strengthen hair and helps it to grow in thick and strong. It can also help with dry scalp.
    • Frankincense essential oil is a fantastic all-around essential oil to nourish the skin.
    • Lavender essential oil helps to soften and soothe skin naturally.

    Product Information

    Effectively Removes Makeup, Dirt & Grime, Soothes Irritation & Leaves Skin Soft & Supple!

    Energize and refresh with our fragrance free, gentle cleanser for dry and sensitive ...

    Fragrance Free · Summer Sale · No Harsh Chemicals · Allergy-Tested